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Here at Kamala’s Spice Blog we share tips and tricks to make your culinary experience one to remember. 

These are a few factors that may go wrong in your chicken or mutton curry making it unappetising. We jot down some cooking mistakes that you should avoid while making chicken or mutton curry.

Essential Spices in Indian food are absolutely important to bring out the best possible flavors in every dish. Kamalas offer a wide range of essential spices for your indian cooking

Good spices are hard to find and when you get your hands on the right spice blends and whole spices like we have at Kamala’s maintaining their freshness is key! Here are some useful storage tips below

Sometimes being plant-based and gluten-free can be a struggle. So, here are ten recipes that are both gluten-free and plant-based from August! They taste as great as they look.

We have to make food every day, either to feed ourselves, our kids, or our partner. But, aren’t you exhausted making the same BORING meals every week? So why not spice it up a bit? 

Star anise is a spice made from the fruit of the Chinese evergreen tree Illicium verum. As its name suggests, it is a star-shaped pod with seeds that are harvested and used as a spice as well. It has a distinct licorice flavour and smell with many medicinal benefits. 

Family Mealtime has been in the air for years and we forget the importance of it. It has become a difficult task for many families to stick to due to school, work schedules and extracurricular activities can make it difficult to find time to eat together and some go days or weeks without sitting down as a family to share a meal.

The world’s healthiest spices have been seen as healing power amongst many people for centuries. Let’s find out which spices are the world’s healthiest spices.

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