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Kamala’s, is a story borne of love and warm memories, it is an ode to my late mum Kamala, whose happy place was in her kitchen!

Anyone that entered her home was welcomed to a warm meal made meticulously with her special blend of spices and heaps of love.

Kamala’s premium spice blends and whole spices are of the highest quality and guaranteed to provide you with a flavourful, aromatic, tasty food creation.

We hope that your cooking journey is filled with good food, family, friends and unforgettable memories.

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Dine With Us

10 People +
  • Ingredients And Utensils Provided By Client
  • Kamalas Range Of Spices
  • Package 1 - Individual Private Cooking Class
  • Package 2 - Class Of 5 Individuals
  • Package 3 - Class Of 10 Individuals
  • Corporate Bookings Also Excepted

Entertain With Us

  • Kamala's Cater
  • Kamala's Spice Range
  • All Meals to be confirmed with Kamala's
  • 48 Hour Notice Required
  • Full Amount Payable On Booking Comfirmation
  • Submit A Contact Form With All Required Info

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